Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk Television: Lost 6x05 - Sundown

I really wish they'd stop promising Big Gigantic Multiple Answers unless they're really gonna deliver.

Which isn't to say I have a problem with what we ARE getting, as they are slipping us some info here and there, but every promo makes it sound hugely epic and uh, it's not.  Not even close.

Sayid vs. Dogan, I didn't realise until I saw the fight starting that this is a fight I've been wanting to see since we met Dogan.  Two bad-asses going at it.  Awesome.

We did find out that there is indeed a good vs. evil conflict here, and the character of a man's soul is indeed important to the endgame here.  It's a shame that Sayid has fallen into darkness.  He's a good man, who has had to do some pretty dark shit over the years.  I think that Smokey or NotLocke or whatever we're gonna call him is actually influencing his agents.  The more dark your soul, the more sway he carries over your actions.  Because I find it hard to believe that a normal Sayid would do everything he did tonight.  Not very hard, but it would seem to take some pushing to do.

The alterniverse flash this week was the same boring crap, up until its final few moments where Sayid-2 met Jin-2.  Here's hoping things start picking up.  Nice to see Keamy again, though.

Loved the smoke monster's assault on the templt  Great stuff.


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