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Finally decided I should go see it so I could actually form my own opinion on it.

Could the plot have been any more generic?  Any more boring?  Any more cliche?  Any more obvious?  I predicted almost every big moment from nearly the outset of the film.

This movie is the new Matrix for me.  A whole shitload of style trying to cover up the barest hints of substance that a lot of people are going to love because they do like their pretty.  And yes, it's a very pretty movie, and that's the best thing I have to say about it.  I actually like a good story that is supported by the style, not the other way around.

The best moment in the movie?  The general enjoying his morning coffee while watching the Home Tree burn.

The CG was a step forward for characters, but not as much as some people think.  The mouths were amazing, but the synch still felt off, and the characters moved just as stiff and were as awkward looking as every other CG character has until now.

And 3D does not make a movie better, people.  Just because the little things look like they're flying in front of you off the screen does not change the story being told ONE SINGLE BIT.  It just makes it more pretty, or something.

Seriously though, don't get me started on 3D.  This was THE single worst experience I have EVER had in a theatre, and I will never, ever, ever see another movie in 3D again.  Ever.  And there will never be a 3D tv in this house.  So long as the experience requires glasses, it is a non-starter for me, and possibly even afterwards without glasses.  Maybe then will I give it another shot.

I honestly would have walked out of the movie I was so frustrated, if I had anywhere to go.  And even then I still considered it.

There may be a seperate post about just 3D later on, if I'm still pissed off.  I am sorely tempted to make a website and online campaign to stop 3D movies.  Lost may calm me down.

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