Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk Television: Lost 6x04 - Lighthouse

Jack's kinda my least fave character.  I don't hate him, and he has his fair share of awesome, but...

Which just means Earth-2 Jack's story is all the more uninteresting to me.  Cool that he has a kid in the new timeline, interesting that he still meets Dogan (Who's own kid looks damned familiar to me), and all that, but the alternate realities still are disconnected and I could almost fast forward them and miss nothing of the show, much like anything in the Buy More with Chuck.

The stuff on the island continues to be the core of the show, and what interests me most.  While there weren't so many answers this week, we do still get some tantalising hints with Jacob, the lighthouse, and the numbers, as well as Jack's destiny.

Poor Claire, left on the island for three years, thinking the Others had her kid, and becoming Rousseau 2.0.

I do wonder why Jin lied to get her back to the temple.

Poor Justin, I actually liked him.

Still a mostly good episode, when it wasn't sidetracked.  These alternate flashes NEED NEED NEED to demonstrate their purpose for being and fast.


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