Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Let's Talk Television: Lost 6x04 - The Substitute

Hello, Tuesday my old friend...

Wow.  Now that was a lotta answer and/or half-answers, wasn't it?  We now know more about the lists, Jacob, notLocke, even a little bit of detail about Jacob's visits in last year's finale, and holy crap, even the numbers!

We don't know just WHAT the numbers are, but Jacob being so old, and having an affinity for those numbers, I can accept that his pushing and directing of events has just caused them to be everywhere, peppered in the world subconciously by everyone he's tugged at.  If that's the best explanation we're going to get, I can live with it.

Of course, we're still left with a lot of questions, but hey, it's Lost.  The show has some great momentum right now, and it feels like we're barreling towards and ending, and more answers, so I'm not too worried.  Of course, I never really have been.  This show has always provided answers, just some people never had the patience to wait for them, or look for them.

Poor, poor James.  He is in such a vulnerable state right now, and notLocke is milking it for everything he can.  This is the perfect time for the creature to manipulate Ford into whatever he wants.

AlternaLocke had an interesting life.  Looks like some major differences this time around, especially that he's still with Katey Sagal, who's character name just ran out of my head.  Augh.  I smiled a little at the talk of destiny.  Maybe a little too on the nose, but oh well.  I also thought his eventual new job was pretty damned obvious, thanks to the title, but who he works that was surprising.  I really can't wait to see how different...and how much alike! Alternate Ben is from Ben Prime.

I had to raise my mug of cocoachino to real Locke's funeral.  Ahh, Boone Hill, nice to see you again too.  I loved Ben's eulogy, and part of me thinks his apology was sincere.  And Frank's reaction was great, and a perfect button to the moment.  One of Lost's strengths is being very aware, and even the characters being aware, of just how f'ed up this show is.

As fun as Locke's alternate view was to see...I think I'm getting tired of the alternate flashes.  Unless they start dovetailing more into the original timeline soon, the point of it all is really wearing on me.  They're little more than filler, at this point.  They have zero bearing on the storyline of the show, and the characters are, in some ways, fundamentally different from those we've been following for the past five years, they might as well be new characters, which makes me not care as much for them.

Now, there's plenty of episodes to go, and they've said they have a plan (But so did the Cylons) about where the alternate flashes are going, so fingers crossed.  I've put a lot of faith into the show so far, and haven't been disappointed yet, so...

To wrap up...out of the candidates we know about, who do you want to see take over Jacob's position?

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