Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Let's Talk Television: Lost 4x03 - What Kate Does

But first, a little story, because I like telling stories.

When I watch stuff at night, I like to have something to drink.  Curl up on my chair, watch some Lost, and have something nice and warm in my hands.  Or a can of Dew works too.  But lately I've been stuck in a rut with my drinking options, so went out this morning to grab some yummy gas station coffee, of the Green Mountain Roasters variety, one of my faves.  I also haven't gotten out to get coffee in awhile, so I had a bit of a craving for hazelnuts.

As I'm sitting down to watch Lost, I notice on the cup the most appropriate thing ever for a coffee cup to say while watching Lost; "A revelation in every cup."

A pretty solid episode.  I like the symmetry of the episode title with the one from the past, "What Kate Did".  We know 'our' Kate is a good person deep down, and she's had a chance to show that amply, with the law off her back, and I definitely like that even when the FBI is on her heels, alterniKate is still a good person, caught in a bad situation.

Nice to see Aldo again.  Poor guy can't catch a break, though.

There was less in the way of answers this week, but they did lay out a few tantalising hints that I can't wait for the payoff for.

I'm pretty sure I will have to explain who Jack's sister is.  AGAIN.

Jin is "One of them" eh?  Just who are they?  I doubt they mean JUST being a survivor of 815.

And hello, Ethan!  I like that even with the plane not crashing, destiny still calls to these characters, tugging them into familiar - to us - positions.  It's an easy enough thing to do when it's a work of fiction, but I like that they're going the route that some things just can't be changed, and Aaron is still brought into this world with the help of Ethan.

Also glad that we FINALLY get to see original Claire again.

Ok, I'm this tempted to start referring to the original survivors as 616 Jack, Hurley, etc.  Just to drive people nuts, and make it easier for me. ;)

I still wonder just how the alternate timeline will play into the wider events, which I think we are ALL sure must happen, right?

There's part of me that almost hopes there are no flashbacks this year, at all.  We've already got enough to juggle with the seperate timelines, and once you start throwing in flashbacks, things could get even more complex.  Although a fakeout of flashbacks that seem to be for a 616 survivor, but at the end we learn they're for one of the new timeline's characters, like they did with Sun and Jin both seeming to have gotten off the island, but then we learned Jin's was in the past, would be a neat trick to pull off.

Speaking of no flashbacks, I'd almost like to see the alternate timeline storyline playing out more or elss linearly, from the point of landing forward.  Since they can't touch base with every character every week, I get rewinding things a little bit here and there, but I hope they don't do too much in the way of flashbacking there, or jumping around, just letting the events unfold from the landing until the end of the show.  I think that would help keep things as clear as possible.

I think that's all, off the top of my head.  Your thoughts?
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