Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Let's Talk Television: Heroes 4x18 - Brave New World

And another season ends.

I really liked the wrap up, and felt it was one of the more satisfying finales Heroes has done.  Everyone got to play their part and do something, storylines were wrapped up, character a lot of ways if the show ends here, that wouldn't be so bad.

Having the show end with Sylar completing his journey from the worst villain ever to becoming a hero makes sense, and brings things around in the cycle of things.  And if the show ends here, we don't have to suffer through the inevitable return to form.

Ending the season with Claire reliving her opening moments, and the classic line is another great way of bringing the show back around full circle, and also would make sense if things end here.

That said...I want more.

This was a really solid season, and I can't say enough about the character work they did.  This year really redeemed the show in my eyes, and hopefully others.  Things were kept pretty small, and that's one reason I want another season.  They had some pretty big, epic moments, and this season was sorely lacking them.  It may have ended up better for it, but I do miss the grandness the show could aspire to, and want to see some of that return.

Heroes lost its way for awhile, and someone finally gave them a map again, and I really want to see where the show goes from here, especially with the new status quo, and yet things feel nicely buttoned as well.  Like Hiro with Charlie, I don't want to let go, but it may well be time.

What do you think?  Time to let it go?  Is it a good wrap up, or is there life in the horse still?

I think we should get one last season, and go into it knowing its the last, so the show can really just barrel through with great stories, and an ending to everything on the horizon.


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