Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Lost in Thought

So, the final season of Lost starts in a little over 12 hours.  I've been percolating on some ideas since...well, since last year, really.

Ever since the season finale, things have been bugging me, and I couldn't sort out why.  Well, I knew why, but it really clarified recently while rewatching the episodes again with my mom before the premiere.

The season ended with Juliet causing The Incident, as we all saw.  Now, there are two outcomes we think are possible from this event, and both choices really bugged me, and I'm going to tell you why. These ideas have been bubbling in my brain for awhile, and they finally coalesced in my brain as to just why either idea was't going to work while rewatching the last season with my mom, gearing up for tonight.

Option #1: Blowing up the nuke in the heart of the electromagnetic storm changes nothing.
This option is a bad choice, for the following reason; doing that is the absolute height of anticlimax.  It undermines all the efforts of the last third of the season, all that work, effort, and sacrifice will have been for nothing, and everything is ultimately meaningless, as everything always happened this way, and things are on course to always happen as they did.

Option #2: Blowing up the nuke actually DOES change the timeline, and Oceanic 815 never crashes, changing everything.  EVERYTHING from that point onward.
The problem here is pretty evident, I think.  This route doesn't just undermine part of the last season, but the previous 100+ episodes, straight back to the pilot.  Not only does it reset everything, but completely frells with the ongoing plotlines that absolutely CAN NOT be thrown aside, because they were left too up in the air in the finale.  Things like Sun trying to get back to Jin.  The mystery of what's up with Locke and his doppleganger.  There's more, but I'm blanking on the whole list.  Unravelling the past four years would leave these things VERY difficult to ever resolve.  And what do you do with a complete reset?  The plane lands in LA, having never gone to the island, and then what?

So it's pretty clear that they can't really do either of those two options, and really tell a satisfying story.

And then it hit me.

This is Lost.  Freakin' Lost.

The show that moved a bloody island.

If there is any show that could pull it off, any show that would DARE to do this, it is Lost.  Heck, if there's any show that would toss away the last four years, I believed Lost would do that, until I realised just how bad an idea it was.

So what are they going to do?  I think they're going to do BOTH.  Both events will happen.  We will follow both timelines.  We'll see how things continue in the original, unchanged timeline, and an alternate universe where 815 did not crash.

The most traumatic thing they could do to people is kick off the premiere tonight with 815 NOT crashing, and having everyone going WTF, and then reveal that no, that's just a flash of the alternate universe, we're still following everyone like we were...

...AND we'll be following the other universe, via our new storytelling gimmick, alternate flashes.  That's right, we've done flashbacks, then flashforwards, and now we're going to give you alt-flashes.  I just don't quite see how it will be ultimately relevant to the storyline.  However, I really think it's the only viable option, and skirts around the problems of doing just one of the obvious solutions, while opening up whole new doors to explore.

I'm either insane, or have watched too much Lost.

I don't know which would be more frightening, them actually doing it, or me figuring things out because I'm on the same wavelengths as the Lost writers.

I've rambled enough.  *falls over*


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