Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk Television: Heroes 4x17 - The Wall

Why is Noah Bennet awesome?

He likes corned beef sandwiches.

So!  Does anyone else think Sylar has really changed?

I think he *means* well enough, but trapped inside his own head, all alone save for Peter, he had no super powered people to tempt him, to tempt the Hunger he's explained he has a number of times.  But now that he's out in the real world...can this leopard ever truly change his spots?

If Heroes truly intends to turn Sylar around to the side of good, or more towards the Grey middle area, I think this is probably the best way they can pull it off.  I'd actually like to see him try and be genuinely good for awhile, or at least not an outright villain.

But really, if the show continues beyond next week, we all know that skullcaps will roll eventually.

Really loved Noah's flashbacks, too.  Nothing we absolutely needed to see, but it's good fleshing out, all the same, and just makes this already fascinating character all the more complex, in a good way.  And somehow him being a car salesman in his other, previous life makes perfect sense.  Even if he did suck at it, at first.  Did anyone else notice we finally saw him being good at it, with that 'killer instinct' he said he lacked, after he actually killed someone?  Nice touch.

Do you guys want a fifth season of Heroes?  Did this year redeem the show any?  Or are you done with it, and its time to move on?

I just hope if we don't get a fifth season, that they don't end next week's finale with a cliffhanger of doom.  Sucks that they hadn't made any decision when they were filming.


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