Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk Television: Dollhouse 2x13 - Epitah Two - Return

And so it ends.

Final thoughts?

It was a very nice coda to the show, and ties up pretty much everything, and gives most people their final moments.

I do miss the lack of Amy Acker though.  Booo.

But yay, Felicia Day for my birthday!  After a rather...annoying day with a huge lacking in the sleep department, I needed that.

Probably my favourite bit of randomness was the very Mad Max crew Tony was running with.  I really loved their entire look and ethos in the Epitaph times.

And Alpha's line to Tony about who would do such a thing to his face cracked me up.

Goodbye, Dollhouse.  You started out eh but interesting, got better and watchable, and then became kinda kick-ass towards the end there.  I'm gonna miss the little show.

I know a lot of you, if you're even reading this, had problems with this show, and your criticisms have been pretty fair, and you even have a point with some of them, but for me that stuff never quite became a deal breaker.


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