Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk Television: Heroes - 4x16 The Art of Deception

Not much to say, as usual, this deep in the season.

Pretty clever way to get Sylar out of the way, and I'll always take a little Cask of Amontillado reference.

I wonder if Samuel knew about 'Madrox' being the shooter, or if it was a plan the multiplier came up with all on his own.

Another pretty solid hour, but I'm kinda ready to be done with the carnival storyline.  It's gone on all this year, and it just doesn't feel like THAT big a threat, given what we've dealt with in the past.  Smaller threats are fine, but to be built up over the whole season, and not be a huge threat, I just can't get that into it.

An interesting theory a friend of mine had...Last year we kept seeing teases of paintings very much like Isaac's with the Earth cracking in half.  It would actually be really cool if they could somehow work in that Samuel, in the future Earth where everyone gained powers, became so powerful that he literally broke the world in half, covering up that little semi-dangler.  It might be too hard to work into the narrative, and too confusing to just slip in offhandedly at this point, but it would be nifty to see.


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