Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk Television: Heroes 4x12/13 - Upon This Rock/Let it Bleed

Blah blah blah, solid season, blah blah good character stuff, blah blah fun.  You know the general drill by now, and tonight's two episodes follow well in the tradition of the season thus far.

The reactions and how everyone dealt with Nathan's death really helped sell me on it a LOT more than the actual event itself.  I really felt for Claire and Peter, and even Noah and Mama Petrelli, in her way.  The actual death was a big meh, but the things said in rememberance of Nathan actually got me in a few moments.

If Samuel's plan is actually to create a Genosha homeland for special people, and that is a REALLY big if, I'll admit, then I find that I hope he succeeds.  I've always loved the idea of mutants and such having a place where they can  Do the ends justify the means?  Good question.  I don't think so, especially if they involve killing his own brother to get there, but I always like when good can come out of tragedy.

Always fun to see Doyle again, playing with his favourite toy. ;)

"I have a love/hate relationship with rooftops," is such a great nod to the entire series, and how many important moments have taken place up where Claire and Peter were talking, as well as atop the Deveaux building.

And yay to Sylar almost being whole again.


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