Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

And Have a Trisky New Year!

Finished up my third and final planned review for December over at Triskaidekafiles!

I originally had plans to do four reviews this month to make up for the lack of anything in November, but delays in getting two of the movies I wanted, plus being under the weather last week, shot that all to hell.  But I got three of the four done, so that's not so bad.

To finish off 2009, I reviewed the shlocky horror flick, Jack Frost.  It was originally going to be posted on Christmas, but it didn't arrive in time. 

My experiment to try and have some holiday themes going failed miserably.  Better, longer planning in the future, and hopefully movies that aren't out of stock, will help curtail these issues.

Read!  Share with friends!  Party!


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