Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Flux Capacity

Because I haven't done anything to up my pariah quotient lately...

With everything being on break during the holidays, I've been chugging through the backlog of movies on the DVR when I need something to watch over late dinner.

One of which, was the theatrical version of Aeon Flux.

And you know what?  I actually really liked it, as a Flux adaptation.  It wasn't a great movie, but I actually feel it was a good adaptation.

The look and style of the areas and characters was very much in line with the cartoon.  The visuals were very well translated from animation to live.

The technology was suitably bizarre, if not downright labrynthine and obscure.  Just as it should be.  It was a mix of organic and tech, just like I'd expect it to be.

Now, the story left a little something to be desired.  But it had some good action that was again like the animation come to life.  It had some fun bits, and was a good diversion.

My biggest problem was with how wrong Trevor was, in almost every way.  That kinda killed it.  But other than that...

I also could have done without the typically forced romantic subplot and backstory.  Aeon Flux is not known for explaining things and being coherent!  But I guess it would've been an even bigger flop if they had gone the incomprehensible route. ;)


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