Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Dr. Mom

My mother has the uncanny ability to come up with the most random things, and usually after her thoughts are no longer an issue.

Earlier this evening, she decided to get on my case that I need to take care of the dry skin on my feet.

To hear her talk about it, she makes it sound like dry skin on the feet is the worst thing that could possibly happen to a person.  She actually said that if I don't do anything about it, "You're going to have serious problems".

Which, ok, there might be something I'm not aware of, but...

The only thing wrong with my feet is the callouses on my heels that have developed, most likely, because of the treadmilling.  My feet USED to be awfully dry and cracked and stuff, but that was like five years ago.  Before I started treadmilling, and before I started actually, oh, taking care of them.

Now, the only dry and crackedness is just some small spots on my big toes.

So um, thanks mom, for the dire warning of doom that dry skin could cause, but I think I've got it under control...

And this is all probably way more info than people wanted to know. ;D


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