Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Black River: Day 28

64761 / 50000

Did you think I wasn't going to do today's writing too?  All things had to be put back to normal schedules.  I could, and seriously want to, take a break.  I know me though, and if I set the book aside, it runs the risk of falling by the wayside, like so many other discarded stories.

There's at least two people who would set me on fire for that.  And not in a good, Phoenixy way.

There may even be self-immolation for that one.

So I keep at it, since I have the momentum behind me.  I could've just let yesterday slide and be fine, but I got intrigued by the idea of writing 70k in the month.

Although I'm getting a bit too sidetracked by the Halloween party shennanigans, and need to get back to blood.  Even if this section is just damned fun to write.


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