Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Happy (Slightly Belated) Turkey Day.

My friendslist is full of MSTies, so this is some pretty awesome news.

The first MST3K DVD set of 2010 has been announced and it looks pretty freaking amazing.

Episodes slated for the set are:

101 - The Crawling Eye
415 - The Beatniks
910 - The Final Sacrifice
1005 - Blood Waters of Dr. Z

The first MST episode (After the KTMA season) which is great for historical reasons.  Blood Waters is a classic, and a great addition.

But Final Sacrifice...  Not only is it a hilarious episode, one of the best Scifi era shows, but it has LONG been listed as "There is no way this will ever be released on DVD" since the people who held the rights to the movie said they had no intention to ever license it back to MST3K for a release, apparently because of how they felt about the show.  Not an unheard of reaction, but really sucked for such a classic.  But they figured it out somehow, and it's coming to DVD.  That is just the best news for me.

Never seen Beatniks, so can't comment, but those three make this a great set I can not wait to have.

And I love that they released this news on Thanksgiving, which was always big for MST3K marathons.


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