Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Let's Talk Television: Heroes 4x07 - Once Upon a Time in Texas


That is easily the best episode this season, maybe the best since the first season, and I'm kinda hesitantly wanting to say my favourite of the show.

Love. Sooo much love for this episode.

It cracked me up that the Company agents use Haitian as a verb.

Part of my love is clearly nostalgia. Dipping back into the better days of the show, seeing old friends again (ISAAC!) diving right into the biggest moment of the shows mythology, really made me long for those days, and this episode came very close to those times. Another part is I am always a sucker for time travel stories, trying to fix the past without ruining the future.

This is the Hiro I love, doing anything and everything to save the woman he loves. Samuel asked him if risking all of history to save Charlie was worth it, and of course it is.

Hiro's Faustian bargain with Sylar...the depths to which he went to save Charlie... Heck, just seeing Jayma Mays back on the show, hearing her laugh... And of course, dropping in the reference to comics that she's his MJ.

Also, seeing hints of future Hiro, and constantly having them undercut by Hiro not quite being that person, were great moments of comic relief.

The subplot with Bennett's almost affair was maybe a little tacked on, but it brought Elisabeth Rohm back into my viewing area, so that's always good. It also gave him a little something to do this week, and also added some character and depth to him, especially his moments with Claire, discussing Shakespeare. I love Noah being a drama geek. Especially quoting that particular play. ;)

Also, at that time, the show was still playing with Bennet as a grey figure, possibly a bad guy, and this was a way to maintain his current more open and clear status quo, without openly violating anything we saw back then.

And finally, that cliffhanger...great great way to bring back Mohinder. The holycrap cliffhangers are back with the rest of the show, and this was a perfect time to bring them back. The show has been puttering along at a decent level of quality, rebuilding the show, and this episode stepped up and really knocked it out of the park.

I think the show is officially back.


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