Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey


I thought up/created a loophole that will 'let' me talk about other movies that might not fit the mold I'm striving for over at Triskaidekafiles. Which probably seems silly, since it's my damned site, I can talk about whatever I want, but I am trying to at least have something resembling cohesion in the full reviews. ;)

But! There's also a journal, where I babble, and is also a perfect spot to just blather on briefly about more recent movies, or better movies, or both, to give readers some better options to go watch.

Posted earlier today some brief looks at Drag Me to Hell and Trick 'R Treat, both movies I wanted to get into, but just don't feel QUITE like they fit the site's loose mold of its main thrust, but this works.

And now, speaking of bad horror, time for Saw 6!


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