Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Momwatch: House Call

So tonight I had to give a brief synopsis of the previous two seasons of House, because my mother forgot all about Amber and she needed context for what was plaguing House last night.

And then she asked me whom it was that Chase killed. Y'know, two weeks ago. And whinged about all last week too.

Preview comes on, says the show will be back in November, since FOX is shoving sports down our throats, and she asks me if that's for next week's episode. I explain that November is a few week's away...

"By the time the show comes back, I'll have forgotten what's happening!"

And yes, I said it, "That would be the case if the show WAS on next week, anyways."

I really need to do something about that brain to mouth filter. ;)


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