Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Let's Talk Television: Heroes 4x04 - Acceptance

Ok, I've been enjoying the more charactery focus we've had lately, but damnit, it's time for something to happen. ;)

Lots of fun stuff. Claire and Noah are always good together, they've got great chemistry.

As a Babylon 5 fan, I totally have to mark out for seeing Bruce Boxlietner again.

Loved the watery effects on Traci. Nothing new or special really, but really done well, and watching her freak out was good.

I find myself oddly uninterested in Nathan's backstory. Good way to show the differences between Sylar and Nathan though, and that Sylar is an incomplete version, I guess. I do have to wonder if the real Nathan really did have his memories of the event erased though, that's an interesting question.

And oh, hello there Sylar. That's gonna complicate matters.


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