Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk Television: Heroes 4x03 - Ink

Yeah, I am definitely enjoying this season so far.

It's not quite love, like with most of the first season, but this is very solid stuff so far.

Still nothing big, but that's ok. It is very refreshing to have the show pulling its head out of the ass of its own mythology and actually doing good, solid character stuff. The show really works on this level, and they needed to rebuild the foundation after the crap they've thrown at us on occasion.

Samuel's powers are actually really interesting. It was a fun use to see him painting himself into the photograph. That's something pretty unique. I'm assuming his ink mixtures have some earth added into them, since he described his powers as moving earth. Otherwise it's a pretty random secondary power. Which wouldn't be anything new for this show, but I do like seeing some thought put behind these things.

Emma I'm not so sure about. I love the seeing sounds as colours, although I'm not sure where all this is going yet, and if anyone else is seeing the colours, a la Dazzler.

Still loving Sylar in Matt's head. He's always at his best when he's playing head games with people, and this is the ultimate expression of that. And watching Quinto be all mischievous and manipulative is always fun. This was a good way to keep his presence in the show, and do something a little different with the character. On the show, at least, since it's not the most original idea. And nowhere near the crazy that was Scorpius.

Still not a big cliffhanger moment, and I am missing those something fierce, but overall a very solid episode.


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