Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Let's Talk Television: Heroes 4x01/4x02 - Orientation/Jump, Push, Fall

Woohoo, Heroes is back.

I really, really liked tonight's episodes.

Nothing major happened, but it was just some really solid character work, which we saw too little of in previous seasons. And I'm ok with that. The show really needs that sort of stuff.

I quite liked Peter being Peter and saving lives. There's been too little of these people actually being HEROES, and too much running around, chasing their own tails, and cleaning up their own messes. Which is fine, but I want to see people being saved, sometimes.

Loved Noah's bachelor pad. And I see Peter's fridge is in the same sad state.

Robert Knepper was a treat to see each week on Prison Break, and it's great to see him here. In fact, I was loving a lot of the guest cast for this season in the news over the summer, and finally getting to see some of them in action was a real thrill, and I wasn't disappointed.

My only real complaint was the blurry slow motion for the fast-moving Ray Park knife thrower, Edgar. It looked way cheezy, and not really in a good way. But hey, Ray Park with a speaking role!

Hiro being Hiro was good, as always. But damnit, when will they STOP putting white text over white clothes and backgrounds? It would be nice if we could read what they're saying! At least most of the conversation is readable and understandable, but having large chunks of it being completely unknown really pisses me off.

My favourite part would probably be the voice of Sylar as the literal devil on Matt's shoulder. That was pretty cool, and a fun way to keep that character 'alive' on the show, while the body is being used by Adrian Pasdar.

These two hours is easily some of the better Heroes episodes in a long while. Hopefully once we've rebuilt the characters and relationships, we can get back to the shocking events and scream-worthy cliffhangers. ;)

I now hand the ball over to y'all.

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