Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk Television: Wolverine & His Amazing Friends 1x20 - Breakdown


Ok ok, a little more, just to make this post worthwhile.

I've really come to like this series, and I'd put it on par with the 90s series for quality. Everyone just feels about right.

Yay to giving a nod to Scott's head injury, and the orphanage in Nebraska. Even if they did tweak some things, they paid enough homage that it felt like a proper Scott origin.

What this episode made me want most though? I'd love to see a series about the original five. It was really fun seeing them together, even if three of them didn't have any lines. ;)

And oh, that final moment. I've suspected that right from the start, and YAY for being right, and seeing it, and Phoenix!! At first it looked like the explosion was caused by Scott, because of the quick flash/reflection in his glasses the first time they showed it, but I like the actual event better. Naturally.

Y tu?


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