Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey


Awful night.

Had to get up early to go to dinner, at a new place my parents wanted to try. No big deal, fairly normal weekendish activity. Got lost on the way there, and that made them both grumpy.

I can't say as I like this new place. The menu selection is pretty limited, at least for me. Too much seafood and onions. What I got was ok, but nothing great. And the menu says "Sprite" but they actually mean 'seltzer'. I wonder if Coke knows.

Had to listen to dad griping about the rather expensive prices the entire time.

I had the saving grace of getting coffee least, I thought I did. Place is so out in the middle of nowhere, couldn't go get it, as it would be way out of the way. So I'm annoyed from ok food, bad drink, and couldn't salvage it with something nice.

I need to stab things. Or bite them.


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