Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Let's Talk Television: Supernatural 5x01 - Sympathy for the Devil

I don't got a lot to say, so I leave that up to y'all.

Fanfic save the day! Yay, fanfic!

That part, that nod to the slashfic community, is gonna leave me grinning for awhile. I'm not a fan of that stuff, but seeing them bring it into the show in such a way, really tickles me.

I really loved Zachariah's creative attempts to convince Dean to accept his role as the Michael Sword. Which leads me to the which point in the season will Dean say yes, and agree to be Michael's vessel? I think it has to happen at some point, the question is, how bad do things have to get before it does?

It was a nice little touch that it took Dean a few guesses to recognise Meg, but Sam knew her right away. Both, I think, because of his time spent with Ruby for several months, and likely just as much because of his being closer to the demonic side in general, what with the demon blood, and everything Azazel did.

Just last night, I was talking about how it is unlikely that Bobby will die any time soon, since Kripke and friends have said they regret killing John, and thank god they had Bobby to fill that fatherly role, but even so, I flinched when he became possessed and stabbed himself with the knife. And really, if we can grab Misha as a regular for the series, isn't it long past due that Jim Beaver be added to the regular cast? Sure, he's better in small doses and I'd hate seeing him forced into every episode, but you can still give the guy a contract for like 11 episodes, it's not uncommon. And damnit, he deserves it. It was a blast seeing him telling off the doctors at the end.

I'm with Dean on trying to make sure WE win, not the demons or the angels. He may have been saying it for Bobby, but damn if he's not right, too. I could draw lovely parallels to the Shadows and the Vorlons on Babylon 5 with their goals of trying to provoke the lesser races until finally they went head to head with each other, until we finally had enough, but I'll digress. For now. I had other thoughts here, but they've slipped my mind. Poke me in comments, and I'll get around to it when I rewatch the episode over the weekend.

Overall, a good way to set up the tables and chairs for this season's arc. It wrapped up from where we left off last season, ramped things up a notch, put the stakes clearly out there, and away we go into the apocalypse. Bring it on, Supernatural. =) I wonder how much of this season we'll see the classic "Let's go on a hunt" type episodes. While they're good to break things up, I think the time is long past to go take on a random werewolf, or an urban legend, when the apocalypse is boiling over. I had a slight problem with this last season, and they seemed aware of it and tried to adress the issue, but it still felt very forced. I think those days HAVE to be done with at this point, as much as that bums me out. It's just too hard, and too much to ask the audience to buy, that while Lucifer is laying waste to the world, the brothers decide that it's time to go off and investigate a wejuk.
I need a Supernatural userpic, but I don't know what.

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