Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Dance, Puppets!!

So, some time ago I ordered from Full Moon Features their Puppet Master eight DVD set. When I got them, I checked the discs, and Puppet Master I wouldn't play. It didn't even load the DVD player. It was not even recognised in the *drive*. I tried it in the other DVD players in the house, and only one of them acknowledged it.

I wrote in, and they said sure, send them back and we'll replace them.

I'd already tossed the box, or my dad grabbed it and burned it too quickly, or something. Took me awhile to find a box that would fit the boxed set and not be crazy huge. Finally got a box I could use, set it aside and...promptly forgot about it. I'd look over at it every so often and thing, gee I should mail that out. And then forget some more.

Finally, 18 months later, I said enough of this, the box has to go, I want my Puppet Master. I wrote them *back* to see if the slacker could still make his trade, and yay, they were cool with that.

At long last, they came in yesterday, and FINALLY I have a working set, and can watch them, eventually.

And this is where I have an idea.

Anyone who knows me well enough knows I love horror movies, and I looove bad horror movies. The fun kind, not the Scifi Channel kind. ;) Although there's often some overlap. I've been a fan of Full Moon for so much of my life, having this set has me in an odd state of glee. But I digress. I've long wanted to make a site (Or LJ for the cheap bastard in me) reviewing bad horror movies. It's not original, but damnit I don't care, I wanna do it.

Especially, I would love to focus on Full Moon movies, because it would give me an excuse to revisit some of these classics, some of which are *actually* good, and some that are laughably bad and fun to talk about. The idea of somehow managing to review every single Full Moon film fills me with an odd mix of anticipation and dread.

I'm still sitting here thinking about it. I'd love to do it. My biggest block is I have never been able to come up with a good name. "Bad movie reviews" just sounds so lame. ;) Still, maybe something will hit me.

I wish to share my love, and pain, with the internets.


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