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Well, I'd been mulling over the kitten, and had some offers of assistance.

My parents kept saying we can't keep the kitten because we can't afford to have everything done that needs to be done. The little thing has gotten quite attached to me, and there's part of my brain into the whole fate thing that looks at the odds of the kitten stumbling through the night, in the middle of nowhere, all the way through our yard, somehow up our steps, to be found at the one house, in the middle of the night, where someone is actually AWAKE...oh, and if I had been in Chicago, he probably wouldn't have been found, since I had the door open to let some air in, and that's how me and the dog heard the cat.

So I decided, fine. I can take on the cost, and get the cat up to snuff, and I outright asked this morning, what do I have to do to keep the cat.

Well, my dad did a 180, and said no. Flat out no, "I don't want it, that's that." And yes, that is an exact quote. Well fine, then don't say it's 'because we can't afford it'. Doesn't want any more animals until one of our current ones die.

You people don't know how fast I'd trade in the dog for the cat. Seriously.

They've both made big deals about how they never say no to me. And they have been rare. I'm hard pressed to think of an instance. In fact, my mother JUST asked me a few days ago, I forget the context, if they had ever said no to me, and I said to give me some time, I'll come up with something.

Well, now I have something, and I don't think I'll forget anytime soon.

Ugh, and my mom keeps telling the animal control people that we can't keep it because we can't afford it. I am *really* fighting going off on them right now.


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