Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Photoblog: MeOW!

We have a visitor.

Heard some noises outside, knew it was a cat, but being midnight, and not much light to see by outside, I was a bit reluctant to go hunting in the dark and not knowing what I'd find. I didn't like the decision, but...

Anyways, it woke up the dog, dog woke up parents, and my dad went stumbling out into the dark, and dug this wee bundle of black fuzz out from behind the fridge we keep outside.

Dad went to get the cat carrier so we could put him in something and he could sleep, my mom stumbles out and gets some milk. He was reluctant to drink, so I put some on my finger, and it took him awhile to take some, but then he started licking my finger all over. And then he bit me. XP

He drank the milk all on his own after that just fine.

He's currently nice and quiet in the carrier, and I'm taking bets on if we keep it or not. ;)


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