Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Comics Next Week

Looks like a really good week next week. Zombies! Booster! LEGION!!

Action Comics #880 (Codename Patriot Part 2)
Adventure Comics Vol 2 #1 Regular Francis Manapul Cover
Blackest Night #2 Regular Ivan Reis Cover
Blackest Night Batman #1 Regular Andy Kubert Cover
Booster Gold Vol 2 #23
Cable Vol 2 #17 Regular Dave Wilkins Cover
Escape From Wonderland #1 Cover A J Scott Campbell
Fables #87
Farscape Dargos Trial #1 Regular Cover A
Green Lantern Corps Vol 2 #39 Regular Patrick Gleason Cover (Blackest Night Tie-In)
Incredible Hercules #132 Regular Rafael Albuquerque Cover
Lockjaw And The Pet Avengers #4 Regular Karl Kerschl Cover
Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #14
Marvels Project #1 Regular Steve Epting Cover
Ms Marvel Vol 2 #43 Regular Sana Takeda Cover (Dark Reign Tie-In)
Superman Secret Files 2009 #1
Toyfare #146 Diamond Select Star Wars Ultimate Quarter-Scale Cvr
Uncanny X-Men #514 Regular Terry Dodson Cover (Utopia Part 4)
X-Men Forever Vol 2 #5 Regular Tom Grummett Cover


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