Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

What's the Deal With Chicago.

So, here's the breakdown. And yes, I took almost a week to post any details so I could calm down and not say anything bad, because the people in here I care about and didn't want to say something stupid out of anger. Plus, it's usually better not to post when you want to punch things, in my experience.

That, and I forgot once or twice to get around to it.

Anyways, the short answer is, for the third time I make plans, and everyone else had other issues come up that were far, far more pressing and important than a comic convention. While I absolutely understand and bear no ill will, it is quite depressing that this keeps happening to me.

Now, I could still go, and maybe swing all the costs myself, but it's kinda iffy. Not only that, but I keep trying to get ahead on funds, and every year I start getting there, and I get left holding the convention bag, and slide back further than I was before. I just can't do that once again.

So yeah, I'll have to suck up the 300 dollars I already dropped on a plan ticket, but better than than be out almost a grand.

On the upside, I'll maybe pick up some lenses for my camera with the money I won't be spending, and maybe a few other things, so there's a silver lining, of sorts.


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