Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Comics Next Week

Action Comics Annual #12
All-New Savage She-Hulk #3 Regular Paul Renaud Cover (Dark Reign Tie-In)
Angel Vol 3 #22 Regular Cover B
Boys Herogasm #2
Cable Vol 2 #15 Kaare Andrews Cover (Messiah War Part 6)
Captain America Vol 5 #600 Regular Alex Ross Cover
Captain Britain And MI 13 #14
Daily Bugle 1939
Dark Reign Hawkeye #3
Dark Reign Young Avengers #2
Dark Tower The Fall Of Gilead #2 Regular Richard Isanove Cover
Fall Of Cthulhu Nemesis #3 Cvr B
Jack Of Fables #35 (Great Fables Crossover Part 8)
Marvel Pets Handbook
Marvel Zombies 4 #3 Regular Greg Land Cover
Mighty Avengers #26 (Dark Reign Tie-In)
Power Girl Vol 2 #2 Adam Hughes Cover
Supergirl Vol 5 #42
Tales From Wonderland Cheshire Cat One Shot Cover B E-Bas
War Of Kings Ascension #3
X-Men Legacy #225 Regular Daniel Acuna Cover


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