Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Capital Idea

So, Captain America 50 is out, and in the next few weeks 500 or so issues will be coming out so quickly that we'll soon have Captain America #600. ;)

Marvel is teasing a return, by Brubaker, plus the movie in the works, with other hints, it seems like Steve Rogers may be returning. And most likely, he'll become Cap again and...I gotta say, I think I'd much rather see Bucky keep the shield and A on his forehead. Ed has done a great job with the character, and I'd hate to see him just shuffled off to the side to keep things back at the usual status quo.

Either way things go, assuming Steve is returning, I'm sure Brubaker will write good stories. His first 25 issues of Cap with Steve were some of the best issues he's had in years, so there's nothing bad either way this goes...I just think, personally, I would rather continue to follow Bucky as a character.

Of course, giving them each a series of their own isn't a bad idea either. Well, my wallet hates it, but it can suck it. ;)

But what do y'all think?

Who do you want to be Captain America?

Steve Rogers
Both in some fashion


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