Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Comics Next Week

Agents Of Atlas Vol 2 #6 (Dark Reign Tie-In)
Astro City The Dark Age Book 3 #2
Boys #31
Captain Britain And MI 13 Annual #1
Dark Avengers #5 Regular Mike Deodato Jr Cover (Dark Reign Tie-In)
Exiles Vol 4 #3
Farscape Strange Detractors #3 Cvr A
House Of Mystery Vol 2 #14
Mighty Avengers #25 (Dark Reign Tie-In)
New Avengers Reunion #4 (Dark Reign Tie-In)
New Mutants Vol 3 #2 Regular Adam Kubert Cover
Secret Six Vol 3 #10
Timestorm 2009-2099 Spider-Man
War Of Kings #4 Regular Brandon Peterson Cover

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