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Let's Talk About Television: Lost 5x16/5x17 - The Incident

Last time 'til 2010. =)


Lost has always had...odd ending moments. Most of the seasons have ended in ways that often land flat for me. Ending season one on everyone staring down into the hatch? Not so great, but it was preceeded by the assault on the raft, and Walt being taken. It always seems like they have a number of scenes to end with, and tend towards picking the least inspiring one of the group. This feels like there should have at least had one more scene, post explosion, to show us what we're in for next year. We got a taste of that, I think, with the Good Guys, and their little package. There's a conflict abrewin'.

I know a number of us have long suspected at deeper ties between everyone on the show, and it never really occurred to me that Jacob himself would be the glue binding everyone together. It was a blast seeing him appear in all these moments, many of which are seminal moments of the show or our character's lives. Although did I miss something in Juliet's flashback? It seemed a little out of place with the rest. I hope we see more of Jacob next year, and more of the strings he's been pulling. The symbolism of him working at the loom was nice, if not exactly subtle. Him and his friend dressed in shades of white and black respectively, also was a nice callback to one of the running visual themes of the show.

It's a shame that there was no moment of any/many of the cast seeing Jacob and going, "YOU!" It would've been cheesy, but still I want to see some sort of variation on that. Now we have the question of who/what is Jacob and his friend, why are they on the island, and just what their long game is? Among other questions, although I'm feeling pretty satisfied in the answer department. They've been doling things out pretty well this year, at least enough that, personally, I'm satisfied at our current ratio of know/don't know yet.
There were a lot of fun, little moments, that I enjoyed more than some of the bigger ones. Sun finding Charlie's ring, and seeing Rose, Bernard, and Vincent once again were amog my faves. I love they've found their little happily ever after in their retirement, and just don't care what happens with everyone else. They have each other, that's all that matters. Now, it occurs to me, that Rose and Bernard may be the 'Adam and Eve" skeletons we saw in season one. I kinda like that.

Thank gods someone finally said, "Hey, what if dropping the bomb down there is what *causes* The Incident??" I let things like that slide, on shows like this, because as an audience, we've had a month or more to think of these angles. Heck, I was coming at it almost from the moment we saw the bomb months ago. These guys have had a few hours, at best, to digest all of what they're doing. Still, nice to hang the lantern on it eventually.

Jack and James having it out one more time was great. These two are one of the philosophical cores of the show. Not to the extent of Locke and Jack, but in a wholly other way. I'm not sure I can articulate precisely what I mean. And I don't think James is going to forgive what happened at the end of the show. Jack is, very much so, directly responsible for Juliet falling into that hole. Their rivalry is going to hit new heights, I think.

That was one hell of a revelation about what was in the box. Once it panned over, almost mimicing the same scene from last season's finale with Locke in the coffin, it shifted everything we've seen this season, in regards to Locke. Although it makes me wonder if Smokey, Locke, and Jacob's friend aren't all one and the same. Some combination thereof, certainly.

Mostly I enjoyed the finale, and it raises some questions for next season, but overall, at the very end, it just failed to deliver, I think. I still wish it was 2010, just because I want to see the next chapter of these characters, not because Juliet was hitting a plutonium core (Or whatever) with a rock. It just felt like something there was missing.

A good cap to a mostly great season for a time travel fan, but not the best part of the series. C'mon, how can you top the sheer absurd audacity of, "I think I crashed your plane"? =)

One quick moment to commend the writers this year. Time travel is a headache for them, as much as it is for us, and they deserve huge credit for actually managing to keep everything straight. At any moment, everything could have derailed under the best of circumstances, and they added the difficulty of telling a time travel story out of order, and in the end, at least so far, everything works. Great job, guys.

Your thoughts?

Or even, what the heck, favourite moment from this year?

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