Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Let's Talk About Movies: X-Men Origins - Wolverine

Here's the non spoiler version, which I more or less Twittered as I left the theatre: It's flawed, but it delivers. You go to see a Wolverine movie pretty much to see Wolverine kicking ass for two hours, and this movie delivered on that account. If changes in characters from the comics are seriously going to bug you, then this has plenty of those moments, but for a fun Wolverine romp, I can't complain.

No, seriously for the most part I liked this. =)

It was a fun action romp, plain and simple. Wolverine goes on a revenge kick, stabs people, gets hunted, and it sets things up for the X-Men movies. It did what it said it would do on the tin. Seriously, I can't fault the movie for that.

Where it gets tripped up is in the details.

I really could have done with fewer cameos, and a little more explanation and character moments with the ones absolutely necessary to the film. Emma was pretty much a throwaway with a bad special effect and tacked on pointlessly. Scott was nifty to have there, and it dovetailed nicely with the escape and rescue, so I can live with it, but it still feels a little off.

Speaking of that resuce...I gotta admit, I may have let out a little squee when I saw Patrick Stewart. Sure, we heard his telepathic voice earlier, and when he came out of the chopper, I just thought it would all be played on the back of his head so they could use anyone, but then...holy crap!

The action sequences in this were pretty amazing. Not great, not classic, but very well done. You can do a bit more with Logan and mutants. They all kept my attention pretty well, and didn't seem like action for action's sake most of the time, something I hate. They all flowed pretty well out of cirumstances and for the characters.

You know what I won't complain about, that every single fanboy reviewer I've seen has touched upon to the point that it's pissing me off? Wade Wilson. I am sick to death of hearing every nerd go, "But Wade's handsome!! He's not supposed to look goooood!" Just...shut up. Wade wasn't always a sack of hamburger meat. He got that way over time. And look, in one interpretation of the movie, he gets there in the end, so it's all good, isn't it?

The worst thing about Wade, honestly, is that there wasn't that much with him. If they'd given him more screen time to be, well, hilariously Wade, it would've been such a blast. Possibly stolen the show from Logan, but I could have lived with that. ;)

And ah, Weapon XI. He didn't bug me THAT much. He's only briefly called Deadpool in an offhand manner, and that's more in reference to all the powers being dumped into one place than the actual character. In fact, one of the endings has Wade Wilson come by and pick up the head of Weapon XI, so take that for...wait what?

ONE OF the endings?

Oh yeah, let me complain about that. We're all familiar with in-credit/after credit sequences by now. This movie took it one step further, and had three different after the credit sequences, randomly scattered across the country. What kind of bullshit is that?! What am I supposed to do, wander the country looking for the random theatres in order to find the other two? Come on! That's just a steaming pile.

But whatever. That's just a very minor bit, five minutes at most, in an otherwise fine entertaining movie. Like I said, it has its flaws, moreso if you're a fan who is going to sit there and nitpick every little cameo, but if you can sit down and run with this as a movie seperate from anything else, like these characters are all new, then its a good waste of two hours. Fun times.

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