Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk About Television: Dollhouse 1x11 - Briar Rose

I'm tiiired and gonna grab a nap, so let's keep this short. In theory. ;)

Alan Tudyk was hilariously awesome, as expected. I think his switch to Alpha was maybe a bit too sudden. Something about the moment just didn't land right for me. Sadly, I knew it was coming, but on the upside, it was fun to spot the small, little things they had him do that would be tip offs if you knew what to look for, and yet worked perfectly fine for his character 'pre' Alpha. Things like that are hard to pull off, that have such double meanings and play differently if you know what to look for, yet try not to tip their hand too soon.

Victor imprinted with Dominic...all I can say is Wow. That was a powerful moment, and it was totally on the merits of the actor, who played a character established by someone else very, very well.

This episode obviously brought together a lot of threads, and the payoff of Paul finally finding the Dollhouse was every bit what I wanted it to be. When I saw the name for the episode, knowing my mythology (With no small help from my refresher course via Fables), I knew it would be a great allegory for Paul's story, and effectively used as a counterpoint.

I kinda like that the actives' storylines took a backseat this episode. They put some in, just to keep along with the story of the show, but otherwise, this was pretty much Paul's episode, and Alpha's. Definitely looking forward to next week's finale.

There may well be more thoughts later, but I don't think I've got much more to say at this stage.

*falls over*
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