Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Let's Talk About Television: Lost 5x14 - The Variable

Woo, 100th episode spectacularrrrr.

Daniel and Desmond are quite possibly my two favourite characters on this show.

I openly admit its because I'm a time travel nerd. Which is why it bugs me every time characters sent to the past say things like "Did I have a scar on my neck when we met?" No, of course you didn't! I always always always hate it when time travel stories talk like that. At least Daniel gets it, and explains why he wouldn't. Same with Hurley and Miles a few episodes ago. Is it THAT hard to understand that being in the past doesn't mean your past self is you? Hurley should get that. He's not wandering around New Otherton as a two year old. Or he's not 50 when the island crashes. And yes, while typing this up, I am fully aware of how convoluted this sounds, so maybe it is complex, but dangit, they're making it more complex than it needs to be. ;)

Ahem, confusing rant aside, this was another pretty good episode this season. I love that they picked the 100th episode to start pulling all the threads together. We're here, now, in 1977 to stop the Incident, which will stop the Hatch from being built, which stops the button, which stops Desmond from not pushing it, which stops the crash of Oceanic 815, which stops the freighter, which stops moving the island, which stops the time travel, which...*head explodes*

Granted, there are events even further back that would likely be better points to mess with, and might still be part of the overall chain of events, but that's a good one to go with too. However, if they stop things from happening, then they can't come back and stop it... NOW we get complicated.

Of course, we've seen that it does appear they've always been there, and events are still playing out the way they did. Daniel just got hit with this like a bullet to the chest...or exactly a bullet to the chest. He came to the island, and his mother always knew, encouraging him to come, knowing what would happen. He may be realising that things are less variable than he may think.

Either way, it's going to be a blast to watch them try to stop the Incident. Although it's pretty even bets that they'll just end up causing things to happen.

And damn, I was wrong about Jughead being the anomaly in the Swan. BUT it's still intricately tied to it, so I was barking up the wrong tree in the same forest. =)

I'm starting to dread when we get flashback episodes for certain characters. Its starting to spell their doom! I really hope Daniel survives tonight's cliffhanger, he brings a lot of fun energy to the show, and explanations. Which this show needs.

That said, it was good to see Daniel's past. I like sending him to the island to fix whatever was wrong with his head, giving him more time to work things out. I especially liked seeing Eloise pushing her son, hoping he could figure it out in time. Well played to have it seem like the disease is what's setting the timetable, then swerving to Eloise knowing exactly when and how her son might die.

And awww, he has a sister! He and Desmond are in-laws! That works far too well, considering their similar themes on the show.

Ohh right, I liked Jack returning to his familiar role, and reasserting himself as leader. Much to James' chagrin, I could see. I like how much Ford has come to feel at home here, and now it is all being taken away from him. Good to see that the rivalry between the two won't be going away anytime soon.

My concentration on the show is now shot to hell because of someone being an idiot. I think I covered the highlights.

The episode pretty much ended any chance of things ending well in 1977 for the survivors and friends. They're hopelessly exposed, and the Incident is coming. Bring on the finale. Well, after next week, obviously...

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