Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk About Television: Heroes 3x25 - An Invisble Thread

Ok, anyone else out there thinking that the Heroes guys read Exiles? =)

Overall, a pretty decent wrap up. This second half of the season, while still problematic, was much improved over volume three, and really pulled the series out of the nosedive it was in. There's still problems, but at least I don't want to hit my head against the wall frequently like I did in the fall.

I think this was their strongest finale, in all honesty. I've come around to enjoying the first season's finale, despite its flaws, after a few rewatchings, and making some more sense of it, but there's still a lot of "Hwuh?" in there. Season two's wrap up was ok, but rushed due to the strike. This was an action packed hour, that did what it needed to do, and made sense.

Hiro's new limitations are a good way to contain his overblown power, even though he'll surely overcome it at some point. At least he went out doing something heroic. My friend Anne pointed out that there's been a serious lack of Heroes actually, y'know, being heroes, and she has a point, to an extent.

It's downright creepy how much we're still on a headlong trip to the original future we saw in season one. And I'm ok with that. The X-Men have long had the spectre of Days of Future Past over their heads, and it seems inevitable no matter what they do. It's depressing, but I rather like the inevitablity of it all. I'm amazed at how much they still have kept things 'on track' as it were.

While the Sylar solution did indeed remind me of how they dealt with Proteus in Exiles, I think I'll allow it. It's not terribly overused (As far as I canr ecall at this precise moment) and it made fair enough sense in their universe, with their current circumstances. It keeps both actors in play, and should make for some intriguing stories in season four. I bet Adrian Pasdar will have a blast playing NathanSylar next year. Any bets on how long until Sylar breaks free?

Loved seeing Noah and Danko together, and Hiro's interruption was just perfect. Stopped that moment at precisely the right time. It was a good moment for the characters, and I almost hope we haven't seen the last of Danko.

And simply because I'm a fan of Ali Larter, I have to mark out for her return. Yay! ;)

And yes, I'll also award bonus points for two Claires at once. I'm easy to please.

Quick edit: I knew something was bugging me. Um...Claire's blood? Anyone? Bueller?


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