Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Comics Next W...wait what?!

There's a delay in the comics ordering.

Midtown has been awful lately with variant covers. When they first put their orders up, one of the two covers in a 50/50 variant is always 'out of stock'. Nine times out of ten, I don't care, or want the available one anyways. A few months ago, before I'd really taken note of what was going on, I had to order the 'sliver' cover of FC: Legion of Three Worlds, rather than the character cover. So I have a big ol' eyeball instead of Cosmic Boy. Now, being a member of the Cosmic Boy Death League, that's not so bad, but I'd much rather have the full page character images, than the annoying sliver covers.

I've noticed that the out of stock 50/50 variants are always rectified and both are orderable after a few days, like Monday is usually around the time they get it sorted out. So, L3W #4 is out next week, and again the character cover is 'out of stock'. And I'm waiting this time, because I want my Brainiac 5.

And that's why there's no weekly comic post yet.


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