Esme Grey (foenix) wrote,
Esme Grey

Let's Talk About Television: Heroes 3x23 - 1961

Or as I like to call it, "Company Babies".

The actress they got to play young Angela is just spot on. You knew that was her the instant you saw her, and she did a great job of playing Angela before she became who she was, and gave just enough hints of afterwards. Great, great job. Thumbs up to the casting people.

I am honestly surprised that they actually explained the socks thievery, that we saw waaaay back in the very first episodes. I doubt they had this idea in mind when they had Angela stealing them way back then, but a very good job of retconning that in.

So, we've seen the birth of the original Company, and what looks to be the beginnings of something new. The Company worked well, amidst the lies, but was ultimately doomed to failure. Nathan's attempt was equally a disaster - and yay for Nathan finally coming back around to the sane side of thinking. Now, we've got the Petrelli family making another go at it. Third time's the charm, hopefully. An organisation like this *is* needed, I feel. For those into comics, they're like Bishop's XSE. Mutants policing mutants.

A necessary evil, as they said in the episode.

I found myself missing Sylar this week, but that's no surprise. And no, Sylar-as-Nathan at the very end doesn't quite count. ;) Although I do like more hints of the future we saw in season one coming to pass.

Claire's hair continues to bug me. Grr.

I'm interested to see just how this fits with Chandra Suresh's past. You would think if he witnessed these events, he would be more sure in his theories. Well, ok, he was sure, but it still seemed like a crackpot idea.

I am so glad this show is back to characters first. These last few episodes have been a breath of fresh air, and hopefully we can keep things going for the last two episodes of the season.


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