Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Let's Talk About Television: Dollhouse 1x09 - A Spy in the House of Love

I was dead tired to the point of exhaustion yesterday, so decided to sleep on thoughts, and wait for the parental rewatch tonight. And so here we are.

I gotta say, I really loved this episode. I'm a sucker for non-linear storytelling, and moles inside the organisations. Plus, I have often compared this show, in style, to Alias, and this episode was the most Alias-like episode thus far. I would love to see more spy action stuff in the future. Looove.

I loved seeing Paul's wall o' crazy. Lots of stuff to pick over. Also loved seeing his new locks. I was surprised that whomever is slipping messages into the Actives decided to reveal Mellie to him. It makes sense, and it had to happen someday, but I didn't expect Paul to find out like that. Poor guy.

I feel weird to say that I really like Topher. At least, as a character. He's funny, he's a person, he's icky and I steer clear away, but I enjoy watching him on screen. I'm going to miss the conflict between him and Dominic.

Another thing I loved was Echo. Watching her looking around the Dollhouse, the chaos that was rippling through the place, piecing it together and...oh crap, she's figured out what they do. She KNOWS. That's kinda huge. Interesting that Adelle let it slide, and sees the usefulness of it, although it will likely come back to bite them in the end. I love that Echo knows what they do, and wanted to help. Sure, it's probably imprinted in her to be nice and kind and whatever, but something about it really clicked with me.

Please please please give us more of superspy Sierra. That whole sequence was a blast. More Sierra is an acceptable start.

A great look into Adelle's character this week, too, as well as bringing back the 'miss Lonely Hearts' plotline. Never thought that would turn out to be important. Of course it makes total sense that the person in charge is using her toys for her own purposes, even if it is just as a vacation for the weekend.

Making Dominic the mole was a nice twist. Of course the head of security doesn't notice the mole if he IS the mole. ;) I wonder just why he was there though, and what he was doing. He *can't* be the person responsible for the additional programming inside the Actives that were getting messages to Paul, I think. So there's more there, there has to be. Right? Seeing him and Echo finally going at it was good to see as well.

Again though, I'll miss him. He added a necessary amount of conflict and friction to the cast that will be lost with his moving to the Attic. And does anyone else think that when we see the Attic, it's going to look like a room with a bunch of people hanging on hangers for as far as the eye can see?

Now I go finish watching Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire.


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