Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Head Spinning

Urgh. This morning my mom had to play some SERIOUS phone tag with hospitals and insurance trying to sort out a bill, and it just makes me see how f'ed up the current state of health care is. It used to seem, to me at least, to be pretty simple, but now, yikes.

A few years ago, the parents had to change their insurance. And last year they had to change it again because the company decided to drop them for whatever reason. Then they came back trying to take them back, and just confused things more. So now there's like a stack of cards, for different parts of different plans, and no one knows which one goes where, and what should be burned and never seen again.

And every time a bill comes in, its been submitted wrong. Used to be a simple matter of calling and telling the hospital to resubmit, but today it was a freaking nightmare and a half.

Called the hospital to tell them to resubmit, but they couldn't. Call the insurance company, they said.

So, call the insurance, THEY said the bill is paid, tell the hospital.

Call the hospital, they have no record of it. Call the insurance and get them to send a copy of the check.

Call the insurance and NOW they say they never received a request. Call the hospital and tell them to resubmit it.

Call the hospital back, and they say they can't. They recently changed their system, and can't just 'resubmit' it, need a fax number.

Call the insurance company, they don't HAVE a fax number. Either have them mail it, or use an electronic payment verification thing. I don't remember exactly. And here's the number for that.

Call the hospital back and give them that, and hopefully that sorts everything out.

I am not kidding about a bit of that. Took almost two hours for all those calls, thanks to a lot of being put on hold. This is just downright stupid. I don't see why the hospital couldn't just do whatever they did in the first place to try and submit my mother's claim, and instead had to make her go through all that. Seriously not right, and the insurance company wasn't making things any easier.


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