Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Let's Talk About Television: Lost 5x12 - Dead is Dead

Yeah, that's the most inaccurate title for this show ever. ;)

Ok, that was pretty damned awesome.

And I completely called it with Desmond beating the snot outta Ben a few weeks ago. =)

A number of answers Lost has been presenting lately, and a few other shows, have been on the obvious side of things, such as most everything with Kate last week, and Desmond laying the smackdown from this week, but I'm a sucker for a good Ben beating, and I've missed Desmond a lot. And when they pulled the rug out with Ben shooting Desmond, well...they at least kept things lively this time around.

Very cool seeing Ben taking Ethan under his Othery wing. I wish we'd gotten to see more of young Ben post-saving, but still very cool to bring Widmore in then. And we got to see how and why he left the island, to boot. AND the taking of Alex! And that it is not what the island wanted. Poor Alex. I've long wondered just who gassed the island while Ben was in the van with his dad, and I wonder now if it might have been Ethan himself who flipped the switch, or whatever.

Michael Emerson...there's not much I can say about him. The man has become an amazing actor. You equally hate and yet feel for this guy, and what he's gone through. He's a monster, but at times I can't blame him. And others, I can. But then I can't. But...Gah. I've said it before, but Ben is one of the most layered characters ever on television. Loved seeing him playing...well, everyone against everyone else. The man is a master manipulator, up there with the best of them. I do have to wonder just how much Ben believes the "dead is dead" statement. He seems to be freaked out by Locke, and says the island has never done this before, but we've seen plenty of dead people poking around, including Alex. I would presume Ben has seen them too...oh, he has! His mother! Granted, those are all projections it seems, but we don't know just what Locke is yet. Saying the island doesn't bring back the dead seems very odd for Ben. He may be aware of the difference between Locke and the others, and Locke may be a totally different case, and I'm assuming that's the case, that Locke is the first real, complete, total ressurection that Ben is aware of.

And holy crap, Smokey! They've said we won't get answers on Smokey 'til next year, along with the four-toed statue (And we'll see if we get them...), but damn was that a lot of smoke this episode. No real answers given, but very, very intriguing stuff.

So looking forward to next week's focus on Miles. FINALLY.

I now pass the ball to y'all.

And I know, I am way lax on giving any comictalks. Literally got a stack o' books I want to post about.

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