Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk About Television: Heroes 3x22 - Turn and Face the Strange

An odd title. Is it a reference to anything?

Is there any doubt that Jack Coleman is the star of this show? He came on as a recurring character, and was pretty quickly added to the regulars, and he definitely deserves it. The man is a great actor. He's got amazing talent. I was even fooled when he was playing HRG playing Slar playing HRG. Sylar's plan to not kill him, but rather destroy him, was really quite brilliant in its simplicity. It was all well played, and he knew Noah would figure out something was wrong, so played on that, and I think everything went according to plan.

Speaking of plans, Matt had a good plan too, but his didn't quite go the way he thought, if he was thinking at all. Things worked out pretty well for him, with Danko and his girlrfiend, probably better than Matt's way. She wants nothing to do with Danko, and he's a little crushed. Matt succeeded in ruining a piece of the agent's life, without resorting to bloodshed. Which is good, because the guy doesn't need that kind of angst. It was good to get to see a softer side of Danko, too. The bad guys are always more interesting when they're at least somewhat sympathetic, or humanised.

As much fun as Hiro and Ando usually are, I found myself getting really bored of their wanderings this week. And poor, poor Ando, stuck making that face all the way to Washington. They must have driven reeeally fast to get to DC so quick. While we're on the subject of the baby, I hate how quick of a turnaround Matt made when he saw his kid. He's probably one of the few characters you could get away with such a switch, but I'm not a fan of "babies make everything better, and with them the world is worth living for, and the sun will shine brighter" type thinking. They could have maybe done something a little more than have Matt see the baby and everything is OK again. But I'm sure it will work fine for most people, just not my bag.

Short thoughts this week, your turn to expand upon them.


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