Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Paying the Bills Theatre: Furnace

Yep, Scifi Channel finally has something that looked interesting enough to sit through, and wasn't about a natural disaster or giant insects. Although there's not really any big stars in this who needed to make rent back in 2006, but it does have Danny Trejo, and the girl who played evil Samarra in Ring 2. When those are your big names, you know you're in for a ride. ;)

For those of us just joining us, since it has been AGES since I've done one, PTBT is me watching a movie of a certain kind and giving my thoughts on it, usually as I watch. It's the sort of movie where you're watching it, and you see some star, and you just wonder, "What the heck is HE doing in this pile??" It's an old joke that sometimes you just take a job to make a paycheck and get the bills paid, and thus, here we are. These movies aren't necessarily bad, but they frequently are, and often laughable, but sometimes, one sneaks through that while they're bad can be fun to watch, and sometimes almost average. I don't rate these on quality compared to real movies, but on the enjoyment I had, and if I think its worth watching for shits and giggles, and in comparrison with other PTBT type movies. A rating of five out of five could still be a bad movie, but a fun experience. ;)

Inspired by real events? Oh, that's never a good sign on the Scifi Channel. ;)

So, it looks like we've got a haunted prison with an angry spirit being released when inmates break down a wall on a sealed off section. It cracks me up that they make a big deal about them finally getting through. You would think the cons would have an easier time and better know-how for breaking down walls!

Ok, this is way more stylish for this sort of film than we usually get. I like bouncing between two storylines, or so it seems, with one time investigating the suicide that the other story is leading up to. Cool way to do things, bonus points.

Oh, and lets not forget Tom Sizemore. A good actor in need of a paycheck! Still a pretty small cast.

That is one gorgeously gothic prison. Wow. That is all.

Cute redheaded coroner, you would think she'd wear something over her nice clothes before poking at the boiled and bloody face of a dead inmate. ;)

That was actually a pretty decent movie, for this sort of thing. Some good kills, a somewhat interesting story not often seen, to boot. At least, not all these elements in the same movie.

I wish the spirits were less Ring-like in their movements, that was a little annoying.

The only thing that really really bugged me was the last little stinger before the credits rolled. Unnecessary, and corny, and so so cliche.

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