Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Let's Talk About Television: Dollhouse 1x08 - Needs

I kinda dozed here and there during the episode, not a statement on the episode itself, just I was tiiiired. Only missed maybe like five minutes, but I wanted to refresh my thoughts tonight.

Is it just me or are Doc Saunders' scars fading? I thought it was just my tv, but looking at images, I dunno. Is it just naturally making them fade away, or was someone complaining about uglifying the pretty girl? Kinda makes me wonder just how long ago the Alpha incident was. This may have been covered at some point, but I'm having a forgetful moment.

I wonder how much of the 'awakened' personalities were real, and how much they were fake creations by Topher? From what little we know, they sure seemed like the normal unActive personalities of these people. It was fun using them as a means to explore the Dollhouse facility, and show us a bit behind the curtain that we don't normally experience.

Did no one at the Dollhouse notice that their four problem Actives all sleep in the same pod room? Maybe there's something to that room, the pods in side it, or something, that is affecting them? Makes me wonder if Alpha slept in that same chamber. There were no other Actives that were affected. Heck, not even Mike seemed to be part of the problem. Why was he woken up? If I had to wager a guess, it would seem weird to the four Actives that did wake up if there was another that wasn't, and Mike was probably just there to sell the story, both to the Actives, and to the audience. Still, seems very very odd to wake him up. Could have just as easily left him as a normal Active for added confusion.

Topher in the dark was fun. As was the discussion with Echoline about the morality of the Dollhouse. As well as another good turn of the "for a little while" phrasing coming back. The stuff with Topher and Echoline would probably be the highlight of the episode, since it put the conflict of the show front and center, and addressed some of the concerns with such a place. Well, not so much addressed them, but at least showed that yes, the writers are aware of this stuff. I'd say this was the most we've seen inside an evil organisation, but once again my mind drifts back to another show I compare Dollhouse to with a high frequency, Alias and SD-6. The looks on Topher's face when Echoline started shooting up his toys were great.

Not really connected to anything, but it was interesting to see that Terminator and Dollhouse both talked about the human brain with regard to computers this week.

Overall, this episode was pretty fun, but pretty light as well. Not much really happened, aside from exploring the Dollhouse, and showing that the process is far, far from perfect, which we've already known for awhile now. Will this be a regular thing for them, having to let the Dolls wake up periodically? Seems troublesome, especially if they need to smack the occasional security guard around. I think I would have liked this better if it really was something going wrong with the process that caused them to wake up, not just an excercise in keeping them Dolled, or if Alpha was involved. I guess it was all a bit too insular for me. And the hoops they had to go through to sell it to the audience just made things a bit too complicated and convenient for plot reasons. Not really bad, but just seemed rather forced.

And yay, for Paul not being an idiot. Have to get in a few Paul comments, since he's still lurking around the edges of the show. ;) I would have been annoyed if he didn't figure out he was bugged pretty quick. In fact, it was already starting to bug me, but he was busy with Mellie, so I can let it slide. Now that he's alone and brooding, it only makes sense for him to have that "Hey, waitasec" moment.

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