Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk About Television: Lost 5x11 - Whatever Happened, Happened

Not much to say this week, but there is this. The standout scene for me? Clearly was anything with Hurley and Miles trying to sort out time travel. I think they presented the problems clearly enough, while pointing up how confusing it all can be, at the same time. We'll see how my parents react to it though. I don't get where some of Hurley's arguments come from, but I guess someone who doesn't know much about time travel might think those things.

Can't really say much about the Kate flashbackforwards. They answered questions at least, but mostly questions I'd surmised the answers to long ago. I could've done without them, and instead would have liked more island related answers/mysteries, but I guess they are important parts of the overall Lost tapestry. Needed, but I'm rather meh over them.

Speaking of the island, I do like that there was some answer given to why Ben doesn't remember these events, or recognise people once they first come to the island on 815. It's plausible, works within what we know, so far as it goes. I was really wondering how they would handle that.

REALLY looking forward to next week's, it should be huge.

Tags: let's talk about, lost

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