Caitlin Grey (foenix) wrote,
Caitlin Grey

Let's Talk About Television: Dollhouse 1x07 - Echoes

Man, nobody better swap out my Mountain Dew for memory erasing drugs, that's all I'm saying.

This episode had some of my favourite bits of dialogue. The cut-quote is one, and there were others that I'm blanking on, but might add later.

I love wacky drugged out people, it seems. These guys here, and Sayid on Lost this week. It's been a wacky week.

Interesting to go back to the meeting with Caroline and Adella from the first episode. Makes sense in context, and is welcome, to add more details to that encounter. Especially with the Rossum Coropration. They're slowly adding layers to the conspiracy of the Dollhouse, and that's a good thing. Also good that we're learning more about Caroline. That's an element I've been missing, and I think necessary to the show. We need to know the people they once were, to care about the blank slates they've become. Of course, I can't stand the typical college student activist stereotype, so I think I prefer the blank slate of Echo. ;) Almost textbook writing here. We've got setup in the storyline, then we turn things on their head with wiping Echo a few episodes ago, now the treatment lines fail, last week things got turned on their heads, and now we learn about the past, and the real personalities start seeping through. And this is right about where something like that should happen.

You just gotta love Topher fucking around with Dominic by putting the Actives in charge of the engagement/containment. That's gotta be a huuuge thing sticking in his craw, and I'd love to see it come back as a plot point later. And I love his attempt to apologise to Echo.

I doubt anyone is surprised to see Ballard still on the Dollhouse case, even as a civilian, but damn that is some persistence. ;) I know more than a few people who would've said, "Ok, they tried to kill the girl I like, time to hang it up, lay low, maybe take up a nice job at the comic store." Really a light week for Paul, but I rather liked his scene. Short, but gives you a lot on the guy in a short time.

Not sure what to make of the flashbacks with the other Actives though. Have to mull those over. Too short, too little.

I think this would be my favourite episode so far. Last week was great for the mythology, but this episode had a lot of wacky fun to go with it. This almost felt like an episode of Alias.

Can't say as I didn't see that ending coming. Once Sam met up with Echo and started spending some quality time with her, and I had already figured out why/how Caroline was recruited, there was only one way for Sam's story to go; straight to the Dollhouse. Too much time spent building up the character to just set him aside. And I'm ok with this, I'd like to see someone evolve (Devolve?) from an actual person, brought through the process, and see what happens.


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