Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

Let's Talk About Television: Lost 5x10 - He's Our You

Gah, that episode title bugs me. Sure, it makes sense in context, but it just sounds so wrong.

Hey, the flashbacks are back! I figured they would be at some point, especially now that 'everyone' is back together, minus Sun. Harder to jump between the two timelines when almost no one we care about is in the present. And the flashbacks are now almost flashforwards as well, since we're in 1977, and damnit I need Oreos. Head hurting from time travel. Also, we had those gaps to explain how ever got from not wanting to be on the plane, to sitting and being dragged along for the ride.

I was a little disappointed with the flashbacks (I choose that word for sake of clarity, what little one can find in this show) for this week. No twist, no big surprise, we already knew who the woman was, at least in general. Ok, she's a bounty hunter and not a federal marshall...Just rather underwhelmed, I must say. And despite her claims, I still say she's working for Ben, although she probably doesn't know it. Too much of a coincidence that she just happened to nab Sayid on that day, to go to specifically Guam, on that specific flight. Sure, this show has its fair share of coincidences, but that's a wee bit on the nose, even for Lost.

That said, stoned Sayid? Fun as hell. And you could tell that Naveen Andrews was having a blast with it. I wish we'd gotten more of it. Also a good way to interrogate Sayid in such a way that he can't lie, and yet the people won't believe him.

Another down note for this episode was the ending. I can get why Sayid wanted to kill Ben as a child. It's the old Hitler problem. Sayid thinks he's going to solve everyone's issues, and he's been through some of the worst things because of Ben, so it makes sense. But does anyone buy it for a second? How many people have we seen survive gunshot wounds on this show, on the island? Heck, we've seen a man's broken spine magically repair itself so he could walk once more. A person could always handwave a gunshot to miraculous luck, but Locke was a walking miracle. Literally!

You would think by now, people would stop trying to shoot people on the island. IT NEVER WORKS. Of course, if we assume this event has already happened, it's even more surprising that Ben thought shooting Locke would do any good, at the end of the third season.

Overall, a weak episode, with some decent character moments. Still, nowhere near as bad as the episode about Jack's tattoo. If this is the worst we get this year, I can live with it.

Best line though, "Three years on this island, and no flaming busses! You guys are back for one day..."

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