Esme Grey (foenix) wrote,
Esme Grey

Let's Talk About Television: Heroes 3x20 - Cold Snap

Hey, that didn't suck at all.

So this episode, like Dollhouse, had some rumblings of reversing a trend on their respective shows, and moving things towards interesting things. With Heroes, its because Bryan Fuller is back. Was this a big, game changing, awesome story episode?

Well, no. But it was still one of the better written episodes of the show this year.

While Fuller often deals with some pretty absurd topics in his other shows, there is one thing I have always enjoyed, and that's his characters. There's a reality about them, that makes them believable, no matter how bizarre their situations are. This episode, there was a quality to the writing that just had the characters clicking in ways that they haven't in a very long time.

The scene with Noah and Angela was just subtly amazing, but that's no surprise with those two actors. However, their scene this week blew away the flashbacks from a few episodes ago that just seemed kinda there. Heck, any scene this week with Jack Coleman was great. Noah seemed more alive this week than he has in ages. The corny dialogue that I will go to my grave believing came from the pen of Jeph Loeb is long, long gone.

I'm probably the only person who will claim to be a Tracy fan. And I'll admit, it's more of being an Ali Larter fan. Her Niki/Jessica characters were much better, and Tracy never quite took off, but she went out quite well this week. I always like it when a character can fall so low, and in the end they get it, and does the right thing. It's a classical, simple arc, and it was nice to see Tracy finally get it, and save Micah. I know most people wil cheer her shattering, but damn, that was well done, and I will miss the character. She could have grown so much from here. Providing she's dead and doesn't pull a Robert Drake and piece herself back together. Maybe when they dig up the third Ali sister, Barbara I think?, we can get a good character again. I'm sure Ali had fun with Tracy though.

And speaking of Micah...worst kept secret ever. ;) I bet many people are quite happy to see he was Rebel, even if we all knew it. Yay. I was holding out hope that they might surprise us, and they might have kept it going with a mislead to baby Matt they were going for, if the actor who played Micah wasn't in the credits! =)

Hiro and Ando were even back on form this week. The humour was fun, and didn't feel too forced or overly silly, well at least for them it didn't.

Older Matt's moments with Daphne were very touching, and handled quite well. The second I saw floating Matt, wondering how the hell he was flying, how could he get ANOTHER power, and I started to panic and thought it was Sylar, coming after Daphne, disguising himself as Matt. I am *so* glad they didn't go that route. It's a shame to have two females die this week, and at least one of them wasn't hacked open, and spared that fate.

Heck, I didn't even mind Janice this week.


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